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New to the community

Welcome to the community!

Dear New Homeowner,

Congratulations on the purchase of your home!

On behalf of the Homeowners Association Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to our community. Over the coming months we look forward to meeting you whether it be around walking in the hallways or at a community activity.

The operation of your homeowners association is governed by a board of volunteer directors and a Management Team (Core Community Management). The Board of Directors is elected by the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. The Board is also responsible for maintaining members’ compliance with the established covenants and bylaws of the Association. The association has governing documents which specify what can and cannot be done in your property and the community. Please take the time to read through the Bylaws and Covenants documents you may have received during the home purchase process. Copies are available on the community web site under the Documents section.

Our community web site is the official communication channel between the Manager, Board of Directors and the membership. On the website, you can find information about upcoming activities and events, announcements, a community calendar, bylaws, architectural review forms and volunteer committees. Please take a few minutes to visit and familiarize yourself with its resources and get to know your community. The web site provides ready answers to most of the questions homeowners have through our FAQs and other Sections of the website. If you don’t find the information you need there, Core Community Management can be contacted through the email given in the contact section or a service request. Please remember to register on the website with a valid email address to insure delivery of important communications from your HOA Board and management team.

Core Community Management should be contacted for service issues on community property, complaints regarding specific bylaw violations and for any questions regarding your annual homeowners’ dues assessment.

As a new homeowner, you may already have some ideas on how you’d like to improve your property. Please keep in mind, the Association has an Architectural Review Committee to help maintain the quality of our community. Its function is to evaluate repairs and remodeling to ensure compliance with all Covenants and Bylaws. The purpose of this review is to protect our scenic environment and maintain the value of our units. All modifications to the exterior of your property, including repainting with the same color or window covering changes, must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval before any work begins. If work is started without prior approval, the homeowner risks being cited for a covenant violation and may be required to alter or remove the changes at significant additional cost.

Again, welcome to the community! We look forward to you falling in love with this neighborhood as much as we have. We know you’ll find our community is a great place to live and we encourage your participation in our activities and functions.


The Board of Directors


Good things to know….

Association Covenants and Bylaws: A copy of the community CCR's is available on the website in the Documents section

Rules and Regulations: A copy of the community Rules and Regulations is available on the website in the Documents section

Property Inspections : Neighborhood inspections occur periodically to identify maintenance problems. If any large property maintenance issues need to be addressed, homeowners will be notified by email or a notice on the website.

Violations: One warning will be issued each calendar year. Homeowners are subject to fines if not corrected before follow up inspections. You may report other homeowners if they are violating and rules by filling a report a violation form in the requests section.

HOA Dues / Assessments: Assessments are due the 1st of January of every year and considered late by the 30th of April. This is your responsibility to get it paid on time regardless of receiving any invoice/statement. If you are unsure of what your payment should be please contact the management company. Please see the make a payment section of the website for payment options and to set up auto debit service.

To report a violation within the association: Please submit your inquiry to the the management company on the request page of our website:

Things to set up

Website login: You will need to set up a username and password to get access to the website (contact Core Community Managment to get this set up). We can’t give you a login until we get the closing payoff from the title company and the account is put into your name. This could take a couple of weeks to get done. Please be patient. 

Automatic Payments: please see the Make a Payment section of the website.

Update your information with the management company: When you receive your login for the website you can fill out a homeowner update request form. It is located under the request tab on the website. To check your account balance go to the check your balance section of the website

It would be good for you to read the FAQ's section of the website.