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Estimated yearly Maintenance schedule

The homeowners association schedules routine maintenance for a number of reasons:

-It eliminates unexpected replacements and breakdowns

-It keeps costs down because repairs are not made on an emergency basis

-It extends the lives of expensive common elements and reduces reserved funds

-It stops problems before they occur

The HOA board and manager works with qualified vendors and other experts to help develop the maintenance schedule. The schedule should usually specify when common elements will be routinely inspected, adjusted and repaired.  Regularly monitoring the property eliminates surprises. With this, the association is able to catch minor problems and correct them before an expensive repair is needed. This of course, helps control costs by extending the life of the common elements, which in turn reduces the money that must be reserved for an eventual replacement.

The maintenance schedule is a useful tool that keeps costs down and property function and appearance up. If you’re feeling frustrated be patient, eventually everything will get done in the most efficient, economical way possible but this does take time and alot of work to accomplish. 

The HOA board and manager always has the best interest of the association in mind. They serve to maintain and enhance the community. This is important because the way the property is taken care of reflects the quality of the homeowners association.

There are two types of maintenance tasks to consider: short term and long term. Short term maintenance tasks could be garbage collection, landscaping, pool treatments, etc. Long term maintenance tasks might consist of road upkeep, deck replacement, or concrete work. 

The HOA managers at Core Community Managment have access service companies including: heating and air, plumbing, electrical, painting, or will work with your board to find the best vendor for your homeowners association.

Estimated yearly Maintenance schedule

Estimated yearly Maintenance schedule

This is an estimated time frame when scheduled maintenance will be done on the property.  All dates and time may change due to vendor scheduling, budgets, or weather.

Tree Trimming - April 30th

Pre emergent - April 15th-30th

Fertilizer-  April 15th-30th

Site improvements (if any)-  April and will end when the project is completed.   

Weed control - May 15th, July 15th, September 1st

Sprinkler-  Start up May 15-25, Winterized around October 15 -25th

Sprinkler adjustment-  May 15th, July 15th, August 15th

Bushes trimming - May 15th, July 15th, August 15th